3rdPartyOnLine & BizBrokerOnCall

3rdPartyOnLine … anonymity and confidentiality in which to present in safety, a business-for-sale in the material information good buyers are searching for. BizBrokerOnCall … hands-on assistance of an experienced broker standing by on call, with just as much or as little help as may be the need.

DavidsonAshe Inc., a business brokerage firm, representing business owners in the sale of their businesses since 1996, is now teamed with Business-Trader.com, a business-sell website since 1999, specifically designed for business owners to represent themselves in the sale of their own businesses; today, completely redesigned.

A business broker is generally in position to advertise a business for sale with the real, material information good buyers are looking for, and then in position also to provide the confirming information buyers will call and ask for, while at the same time for the sake of the business, in position to keep it all quiet and confidential by providing the information without identifying the business.

On the other hand, business owners attempting to do the same for themselves have found it difficult to maintain anonymity much past first contact with a buyer, and many have quickly found themselves in the midst of conflicted interests that have oft times stalled and nullified good opportunity for both parties.

Today, Business-Trader.com is specifically designed to facilitate broker-like anonymity, to keep your confidential information confidential and to preserve those good opportunities.

3rdPartOnLine by Business-Trader provides opportunity to anonymously present a business-for-sale in the real material information good buyers are searching for, both in an online presentation form, and thereafter in the information requested by and provided to potential buyers, thereby enabling a buyer to consider the business opportunity in those real, material facts, without knowing “whose real, material facts” they are considering.

Business-Trader also provides opportunity for buyers to advertise for the business they are looking for, and also to provide the material information a business owner will be looking for from a buyer.  Introduction of Buyer and Seller will come later, should such information indicate good fit and opportunity to both parties.

BizBrokerOnCall by DavidsonAshe provides the backup support, if and when requested, offering experienced hands-on assistance on an as needed and on request, OnCall basis; as much or as little as may be the need.

If this concept would seem of interest, you can take a closer look at it, on www.business-trader.com

Please feel free to look at whatever might interest you on the site, but, when you land on Business-Trader.com, you’ll see a red Preview button in the upper right corner of the screen.   We suggest that you click the red button to re-land on Preview a CONFIDENTIAL presentation (or just click the link here).  Start here and I think you will quickly gain an understanding of the DavidsonAshe Business-Trader team advantage.

When you do, please bear this in mind.  Business-Trader.com is an old domain that is today fully redesigned.  The old site had become obsolete before I bought it and then the site has been offline while we redeveloped it.  As this letter is written today, there are no businesses on business-trader.com, other than for demonstration.

We are eager to get back online and online we make a strong introductory offer to help do so.  Having never launched a website like this before, I cannot say how soon there will be meaningful number of businesses posted, but from a 20 year experience with business buyers, I can say, buyers are looking for them now.

If we can help in any way, please feel free to contact us by email, phone or by Contact Us comment.


Fred Ashe, President CEO

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davidsonashe was founded in 1996 as an affiliate member of the Business Brokers Network of more than 350 affiliated business intermediaries; business brokerage and consulting firms located across the United States and Canada. Locally, we have offices in Langley, BC and Lynden, WA and have been intermediaries instrumental in the sale of companies in northwest Washington and the British Columbia lower mainland since 1996.